In this section we include some pictures of respresentative BM respirometry installations.

Umgeni Water

Umgeni Water, a state-owned entity, is one of Africa's most successful organisations involved in water management, and is the largest supplier of bulk water in the Province of KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa. Currently Umgeni is using the respirometer for mainly COD fractionation and yield determination. For future experiments it is forecasted to include nitrification and phosphate removal.

Department of Chemical Engineering of the KwaZulu-Natal University in South Africa

The BM respirometer is used by the group PRG, from the Department of Chemical Engineering in the KwaZulu-Natal University of South Africa, in a research project related to DEWATS (Decentralized Wastewater Treatment System) which is included within the technologies that uses no power, low cost, both domestic needs as industrial-oriented. In this project the BM respirometer is used as a fundamental analyzer to determine the wastewater biodegradability and COD removal capacity in the different treatment process stages of DEWATS.

Environmental Business Specialists (EBS) - USA

EBS uses Surcis respirometry for COD fractionation studies, troubleshooting nitrification issues, and assessing the biodegradability of particular compounds in a wastewater treatment system. They have conducted studies for a number of systems throughout the United States. In addition, EBS teaches clients about the information that respirometry can generate in their regular courses and seminars.

Extremadura University - Research Group AIIA - Spain

The BM-Advance respirometry system is installed in the lab corresponding to the Industrial Applications of Artificial Intelligence (AIIA) research group; and it is included in the program of development of control strategies for the management of wastewater treatment within a framework of energy optimization.

Company for Water Supply and Sanitation of Seville (EMASESA) - Spain

The respirometer of EMASESA is one of the first BM-Advance model who was installed in Spain. It has more than 5 years working in the Copero WWTP (Seville – Spain), which management went through Acciona-Agua group and now it is currently managed by DRACE Infrastructuras group. The main function of the respirometry system is the control of the biological wastewater treatment, with special attention to the analysis of the impact of possible industrial discharges in the process and their efect in the activated sludge health. As in other users, respirometry tests are often complemented with the analysis of the microscopic bioindication.

Company for Water Supply and Sanitation of Madrid: Canal de Isabel II Gestión - Spain

The BM multipurpose respirometer of the Canal de Isabel II Gestión is installed in the laboratory of the WWTP of Tres Cantos (Madrid – Spain) where has been centralized for the biological process of this plant and also for the control support to other wastewater treatment plants of the Madrid Community. Applications covering this installation go to quickly and efficiently find the health of active sludge, the substrate removal rate (nitrification and biodegradable COD) and minimum range of oxygen on different conditions. Thus, the plant operator obtains the necessary tools for the process control within a framework of maximum energy optimization.


The BM respirometer installed in the WWTP of Almunia (Aragón - Spain) belongs to ACCIONA AGUA and is part of one of the five BM respirometers that this important multinational group has already acquired to SURCIS. These BM respirometers are installed in different WWTP’s and in the Acciona-Agua R+D Center in Barcelona. With this BM respirometer, besides the control of the treatment process in the plant of Almunia, it is carried out a series of respirometry studies to other wastewater treatment plants that Acciona-Agua is managing.