Multipurpose BM respirometers

BM respirometers are entirely designed and manufactured by Surcis. They are compact, simple, user friendly, with very low maintenance and equipped with powerful software that allows dealing with different working modes. In this way, we can get some key parameters on the actual wastewater treatment process and undertake critical applications such as energy optimization, COD removal capacity, nitrification - denitrification capacity, biodegradable COD fractions and refractory COD, kinetic parameters, limiting values in the operative parameters, effect of the pH, temperature, oxygen, conductivity in the biological activity and performance, specific toxicity to the actual biomass in the biological reactor, among many others.


Within the BM respirometer series, besides to be equipped with a programable and automatic system for temperature and dissolved oxygen control, it is distinguished from the rest by also being equipped with a programmable system of pH control and ORP monitoring in the Advance Pro model


BM-EVO is an advanced system of respirometry equipped with a programmable settings board for the atomatic control of the temperatura and dissolved oxygen, allowing tests to be adapted to the actual conditions of the process and change them if necessary.


BM-T + is an updated version of the old BM-T where the powerful BM software has been implemented. It is equipped with an external unit for the temperature control and maintains its character of easily transportable through their padded cases.

Laboratory equipment

Surcis is complemented by a series of laboratory instruments from the company Dinko Instruments. See its website to explore its line of equipment, and keep updated with the latest news on new products and relevant events.