About us

SURCIS, S.L. is a company born from the enterprise Dinko Instruments (www.dinko.es) on the year 2003, with which it shares infrastructure and some products.

In SURCIS, S.L. we have acquired the commitment to satisfy important needs related with the measurement of the key biological parameters and derived applications applied to the control, design and research of the biological process in wastewater treatment municipal and industrial plants.

For this approach, we have developed our exclusive respirometry systems and have also equipped the company with an appropriated infrastructure to undertake this commitment.


The activities and fields in which Surcis is approaching, could be summarized as follow:

  • BM Respirometry exploitation in its entire dimension: by manufacturing, selling and renting its exclusive line of BM respirometeres.
  • Integral Solutions offers for specific needs covering.
  • Respirometry Services, directly to customer or through other companies.
  • Consulting program approached to problems resolution for different types of wastewater treatment.
  • Workshop program for real operation in treatment plants.
  • R&D program, by which we are constantly developing new respirometry applications.
  • Open position towards the collaboration with other complementary companies that may need our services, equipments or new developments.

The BM respirometry has got the approach for a state of the art design, placed in the frame of simplicity and very low maintenance.

BM Respirometry is based on a patented system.